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What exactly is it about? 

Its about Zarbon in his “coming of age” type story.  He’s 17 when he helps Frieza and the Icejin Changeling unit conquer the other side of of Planet Vegeta.  He’s 18 by the time this story ends. 


Why did Frieza want to conquer the other side of Planet Vegeta for?

There were a bunch of tribes of “Feral Sayains” that lived there, and this made King Vegeta angry because the Feral Sayains don’t want to live under his tyranny.  They want to live free, they want to live in huts and villages, they want to fish, use magic, make arts and crafts to live out their lives.  They aren’t excatly warrior material, they are more or less aggressive compared to the warrior Sayains that live under King Vegeta’s tryanny. 


Isn’t that a huge mistake on King Vegeta’s part to ask Frieza to help him conquer the Feral Sayains?

Of course it is, but this was before King Vegeta wised up and realised that Frieza wanted to eventually take advantage of him.   In this story, King Vegeta completley trusts Frieza and even is glad to hear that he will help him conquer the Feral Sayains that King Vegeta himself has tried to conquer. 


Why couldn’t King Vegeta just try to conquer these Feral Sayains himself?

Because that’s a mystery for another day, yet to be revaled.


Why did you decide to write this fanfic story?

I originally written it when I was a teenager, possibly 16-years old when I wrote this.  Any fanfiction about Zarbon I have written as a teenager I have had to re-write and edit over the years, to make it seem lesser and lesser that the original was written by a teenage girl.  At the time I wrote this, I was inspired by the TV made movie “Roots”.  I watched part 1 and 2 in multi-culture class, and I then thought, what if King Vegeta had Frieza help him conquer a bunch of Feral Sayains!  I was amazed by how African tribes helped these white people capture rival tribes and got money for it.  I thought it was really dirty of them to do that.   So I thought what if Sayains did that too?  


But Sayains aren’t humans, they are aliens.

According to this fanfiction, King Vegeta was misguided and thought that if he had Frieza (an ally at the time) help him conquer the Sayain tribe, then it would be under his influence, but by the end of the story its far from true.  He’s a Sayain, Sayains weren’t meant to be super bright, it doesn’t matter how materalistic or militarly built for brutal strenght they are, is that what you mean by them being aliens and not having a human temperment?  There isn’t anything calculating or ruthless by human standards about it.  LOL


Anyways, moving on... who is General Corm?

General Corm was one of Zarbon’s military teachers.  Zarbon went to miliary school after being home schooled by Frieza’s hired home school teachers.   Zarbon was getting too free spiritied for Frieza’s taste, so Frieza sent him to military school when Zarbon was 14.  The only problem with that was that General Corm too thought Zarbon was free spirited.  That’s why you see him giving Zarbon dirty looks in the fan manga, because Zarbon was his best student, not his most ruthless though.  General Corm is a tough ass and mostly depends on cunning and ruthlessness to carry out his missions for Frieza. 


Zarbon was General Corm’s most intellegent student?

Yes, too much for his own good.  When Zarbon was not getting ruthless enough training in martial arts and gymanstics under Shasha, Frieza decided that it was time to send Zarbon to military school so he could quickly aquire a ruthless temperment.  Instead he got the opposite, he got a straight-A student who was great at kicking other students butts in practice class and military drill classes, but not one ruthless enough to send out into leginimate combate.  The only time he was sent out into combate was when he was off for the summer and went on missions that Frieza had Shasha and Dodoria doing. 


Zarbon also seemed to graduate at the top of Military School.

Yep, like I said he was the smartest student there.  Ruthlessness was more of a temperment to aquire while being there, but to be honest to be a great military student you have to be more than ruthless, that’s why most of his classmates dropped out and failed miserably at it.  They were more focused on aquireing the ruthless temperment part and not the more intellegent part.  


In the fanfiction why was it so difficult for Zarbon to aquire a ruthless temperament to begin with if he was raised by Frieza?

Zarbon is a different species than Frieza, his species are more docial in temperment. Zarbon is his own person, he has his own temperment, he’s unique and special.  Whereas everyone else that lives in the slave quarters and are higher up in the empire, they have almost the same temperment.  Zarbon would rather be himself, instead of like everyone else, but its almost impossible for that to happen when he lives in such a ruthless enviorment.  He’s a very stubborn person, he also naturally dislikes evil and pain.  Frieza was more for going out and conquering planets than nurturing Zarbon anyways.


Isn’t that more of a burden on Frieza if he has a reluctend anti-hero under his wing?

Of course, but Frieza is stubborn too.  He doesn’t care about anyone else but himself, he’s selfish, mainipulative and very dangeorus.  He’s a typical tyrant, he’s not Hitler-like nor is he like Caligula, but he strikes me as more of a Roman Emperor or a Czar.  Each time he has a crush on someone or lusts for someone, in his mind, its love.  He then gets over them quickly and looks for someone else to crush and lust on.   As you can see, he doesn’t understand love at all, he was never really taught how to love others moreso than himself.  He loves his own speices more than anyone else’s species, and he looks down on Sayains and Primal Changelings (Zarbon’s species) the most.  In yet, many of the Icejin Changelings are poor, have little food to eat and water to drink, they also are very illiterate because its easier for Frieza to mainipulate them.  However, he thought he would raise Zarbon when his mom died (she gave Zarbon to Cui because she thought Zarbon’s life was in danger by rebel Primal Changelings on Planet Primal). 


So that’s how Zarbon ended up with Frieza, at least in this fan fiction?

Yes of course, but I will write this story as soon as I get around to it.  Frieza basically left Zarbon alone during the daytime and had Cui and Appule babysit him.  They both are the reasons why he is less ruthless than Frieza wants him to be.


Why didn’t Frieza kill Cui and Appule then?

Cui and Appule are more intelligent than some of Frieza’s illiterate warriors.  They know how to read, Cui is great at math and science and is often used as an accountant, Appule by the time this story is over with has finished with nursing school and becomes more useful to Frieza in the future by tending to wounded warriors. 


Appule and Cui are actually smart? 

Very smart indeed, and while Cui is only semi-ruthless in temperament, Appule is the one that inspired Zarbon to be docile other than Zarbon having very strong memories about his mother.  Appule also loves animals, and Zarbon picked up his love of animals from Appule.  Cui also hates Frieza and is not shy to state this many times around Zarbon, that’s how he picked up hating Frieza himself, and because Frieza was unkind to him.  In reality these two inspired Zarbon to be more observant of the world he’s raised in, not Frieza or Dodoria or anyone else.


In conclusion of this interview, you would say that this story centers around Zarbon struggling with his personal issues and temperament?

Kind of, but its more complicated than that.  Its basically a mixture of Zarbon with his “coming of age”, helping Frieza and King Vegeta conquer the Feral Sayains, and even having to deal with the realities of war and severe injustice to a major degree. 






I love art so much!
United States
I love to draw and I can speak Spanish and Russian other than English.

Love Pokemon and doing request drawings of Pokemon from 1 to 5 points (it’s negotiable).

Now I am getting so into Hetalia that I can’t decide which character from Hetalia I love more!

I like Zarbon a lot, I love to write fanfics about him, and sometimes about Vegeta too. Along with Frieza and his hot brother Cooler! lol

I also am writing Hetalia fanfiction.

I also have these stories on

If you want to read any of my stories, go right ahead, if you want to review them, go right ahead. You won't hurt my feelings if the stories aren't your cup of tea.

Here is the address:

BTW My fanfic name is Karatelover so that you can read stories written by me! :)

My Zarbon Webpage is down below under Website, if you can please visit my guestbook. Thanks.

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